8 Ways to Make a Living as a Writer

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8 Ways to Make a Living as a Writer

If you say you’re a freelance writer, many people will assume that you’re working on the great American novel, but fiction is far from the only type of writing job available. The world of freelance writing is wide, and there are many jobs you can use your skill with words to earn a living. These eight careers aren’t as glamorous as being a novelist or poet, but they have the job potential to pay your bills. And if you are, in fact, an aspiring novelist or poet, these jobs can help you hone your skills as you work on your magnum opus.


The word “copywriter” is somewhat nebulous, and there’s some dispute over what it actually means. One bask definition is that a copywriter writes advertising and marketing copy for businesses websites, and products their goal is to make the business or product sound as appealing as possible so that people make a purchase or take some other action. Copywriters work closely with clients and rarely get any recognition themselves, so if you want a job where you write without drawing a lot of attention to yourself, copywriting might be a good fit for you. Because their work often requires them to write about a wide variety of businesses and services, copywriters must be good researchers and quick learners They also should be able to adjust their writing style based on their client’s needs and the intended audience. Copywriters are hired to write almost anything, including blog posts, articles, emails social media posts, website copy, and catalogs.


Though print journalism is declining, web-based journalism is on the rise, so there is still plenty of room for new talent in this career. Journalists track down and report news. They sniff out interesting events gather information, conduct interviews, and summarize their findings with news stories that keep the public informed about what’s happening in the world. Many journalists work for a specific publication, but some also do freelance work. Writers who are curious outgoing, and enjoy a fast-paced job would probably thrive in the field of journalism.


A ghostwriter writes content that is published under someone else’s name. They are paid for their work up front, but they get no public credit. Ghostwriters are frequently hired to write blog posts, books, speeches, articles and memoirs- almost any type of writing can be outsourced to a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting can be lucrative work, but it usually takes some time to break into the field, since most people want to hire an experienced writer. If you’re not interested in fame and have some freelance experience and publications under your own name, ghostwriting might be an ideal way for you to pick up some extra work.

Grant Writers

Grant writers write proposals for government grants on behalf of nonprofits or other organizations. Some grant writers are hired on full-time by the organizations they write for, while others work on a freelance basis. Writing grant proposals requires a very specific skill set, an in-depth knowledge of business and technical language, and a great deal of research. Because of this, many grant writers have a legal background.

Ebook Writers

Ebooks’ popularity is soaring, and with the advent of self-publishing anyone can write them. Most ebooks are non-fiction and provide information on a specific topic, although some genres of fiction also sell well as ebooks. Some writers create ebooks and sell them under their own name, which can result in more income over a longer period of time, while others ghostwrite ebooks for other people, which offers the benefit of getting paid for your work immediately. Ebooks tend to be shorter than print books, so they are easier to write. It’s not necessary to have any prior experience when you start writing ebooks -you just need some knowledge of a topic and the ability to present that knowledge in an organized way.

Technical writers

Technical writers produce how-to guides, user manuals for appliances and software, and other written documentation that pertains to technical information. Technical writers need to be detail-oriented, methodical, and patient when troubleshooting problems If you prefer to write in a creative or evocative style, technical writing might not be the job for you – the objective of technical writing is to communicate complicated or esoteric information to the average person, so a knack for clear and concise distillation of ideas is a must. Technical writers generally need a deep knowledge of the area of technology they write about in addition to strong writing drills Many technical writers either have prior work experience in a technical industry or have a degree in a technical field, such as engineering or computer science.


It’s rare for someone giving a speech to have actually written that speech themselves. Politicians and public figures often hire speechwriters to craft speeches for them. Speechwriting requires a strong affinity for the spoken word. A speechwriter needs to know their way around the speaker’s style, be familiar with the audience the speech will be delivered to, and understand what effect their words are going to have on listeners. Political parties and large organizations often have speechwriters on their staff. Some speechwriters also do freelance work or find work through an agency.


A blogger’s job is to produce posts, articles, and other web content that people want to read. The amount of blogging work available is increasing as blogging becomes more popular. Some bloggers Fun their own sites, while others produce content for other people’s or organizations’ blogs. Writing is a big part of blogging but the job also requires conducting research, finding images to use, maintaining a social media presence, and interacting with readers and subscribers

There are plenty of jobs and plenty of money to be made in freelance writing if you know where to look. Jobs like technical writing and copywriting might not be the most exciting way to put words to paper, but they can be a satisfying way to earn a living. If you’re looking for jobs and a way to make your writing drills pay off, one of these writing jobs might be a good fit for you.

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