Ten Tips to Succeed As an Online Writer in 2016

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Ten Tips to Succeed As an Online Writer in 2016

Online freelancing has become a great opportunity for many people. Writers can find a number of jobs online, and the compensation tends to be much better too. You can do several things to improve your freelancing career online. In this article, you will find a few tips for that.

Online freelancing has become quite an important job for many people. It is such a competitive field that you can miss opportunities if you are not careful enough. Here are a few things to consider if you wish to succeed in online freelancing game.

1. Salary research is important

When you are working as a freelancer, you may come across several opportunities, such as magazine jobs, newspaper articles, and blogging opportunities. In any case, try to find out what the ongoing compensation plan is for the job. You should make sure not to charge higher than what is normally acceptable. Not going low is also a good thing as it may give an impression to the employer that you do not possess confidence in your work.

2. Market your work efficiently

In order to submit your queries and effectively negotiate your compensation with an employer, you should be able to speak confidently about your work. Hence, educate yourself on various marketing tactics and build negotiation skills.

3. Create a comfortable work environment

Online freelancing works exactly like a regular job. You should have a comfortable, professional work environment, which can improve your productivity and discipline. You should not consider freelancing a side business, but a regular day job. For a professional freelance writer, a website or a blog is also necessary.

4. Track your submissions accurately

A number of online tools can help you track your submissions to various media; Submittable is one such tool. In any case, keep an accurate record of all your submissions and make sure that you follow up properly.

5. Work in a systematic way

If you enjoy doing the hard work first and the easy work afterwards, follow that style, if not go the other way. In short, you should work in a way that you are comfortable with. Make sure that you do not miss any deadline too. If you are not sure whether you can turn in the work within the deadline, immediately let the client know.

6. Communicate well with the clients

It is understood that you will have to revise your work at least three times before submission. However, in order to make the work professional and reduce the number of revisions, communicate with the client effectively and find out what the expectations are. Make an extra effort to make the work conform to those expectations. Offer as many revisions as necessary to make the work perfect. These actions speak profoundly of your professionalism.

7. Seek and accept feedback

Always request the client for feedback on your work. You can publish all positive responses on your website and improve your work based on any neutral or negative feedback. Positive testimonials on your website can fetch you more opportunities in the future.

8. Send your invoices and insist on timely payments

After finishing and turning in your work perfectly, you have the right to be paid in time. Send your invoice in time and request the client to make payments. This shows your integrity and professionalism.

9. Join professional freelancers groups

There are quite a number of organizations online forums, websites communities, etc, that you can join and communicate with other freelancers. These organizations will help you not only find high-paying jobs but also earn reputation and positive feedback for your work.

10. Find ways to advertise your work

You can use various online advertisement platforms, such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads, to reach clients. Alternatively, you can advertise your services offline through flyers newspapers, magazines, etc. You can also take advantage of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to find clients.


As a professional freelance writer, a person can find great opportunities online. Companies, blogs, media organizations etc., are always on the lookout for people who can present ideas well in writing. If you follow these guidelines, it is not difficult to build a successful freelancing career.

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