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Self-Editing? Think Again

For authors, the temptation to self-edit, saving time and money, is alluring. There is a real sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a book, and the urgency to get it in front of readers is real, too. However, there is a flip side to this positivity. Rushing through the editing process leads to a sub par product that reflects poorly on your reputation as a writer. Errors and typos, even if they are sparse, tell the reader that your work was not properly edited, and makes you look unprofessional. An author, especially a new author, can easily talk themselves into self-editing. “Why do I need to spend hundreds of dollars? I was an English major!”. This is a common and rational thought that occurs to many writers.

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Why You Should Start Blogging Now

In the past, blogging was not that popular. It was left mostly to the fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment industries. However, with greater access to information through digital devices, there has been an increase in people and businesses engaging readers and potential customers by using blogs.

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8 Ways to Make a Living as a Writer

If you say you’re a freelance writer, many people will assume that you’re working on the great American novel, but fiction is far from the only type of writing job available. The world of freelance writing is wide, and there are many jobs you can use your skill with words to earn a living. These eight careers aren’t as glamorous as being a novelist or poet, but they have the job potential to pay your bills. And if you are, in fact, an aspiring novelist or poet, these jobs can help you hone your skills as you work on your magnum opus.

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7 Essential Tips for Success As A Freelance Writer

The rise of the Internet and the constant demand for good content means it’s easier than ever before to make a living as a freelance writer. It can be a great lifestyle if you make it, and you can choose the hours you work to fit around family and other commitments.

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