How it works

How it works - Write with LimeWrite

On demand freelance writing is here!

A day writing behind the keyboard

When you’re ready to write, just open the dashboard and writing requests will start flowing in. We’ll show you the client you’re writing for, provide the instructions for their requirements, and type of writing. Once the writing is complete, we’ll find more requests that will be available for you. Clients are friendly and respectful of your skills. And only you decide when to stop writing for the day.

If you are seeking a freelance writing job with a flexible schedule and a wide variety of projects to choose from, our company is for you!

We are looking for writers who are proficient in their respective fields and who can deliver high-quality papers on time.

People matter most to the LimeWrite experience. And it’s a two-way street between customers and writers. We created our dashboard so that everyone using it has a common goal, accountability, and common courtesy.

The payments you earn are automatically deposited in your account every other week, and you can track how much you make on every project inside the dashboard. For making the dashboard available to you and dropping clients and customers in your lap, we deduct a fair service fee.

How to get started

Register for

Fill in the applicant form and provide valid personal and contact information. This will allow us to contact you if any urgent requests related to your writing projects need attention. Make sure you are as clear as possible, as this information is very important in maintaining our premier status.

Upload and pass test

You will be required to demonstrate your writing ability in a writing sample, consisting of 300 words and a topic provided by us.  Depending on the writing category you fall under you may need to pass additional tests. You will be notified by us if we need any further information.

Get approved

Applicants must write a sample content piece on the given topic and upload your highest education certificate or academic transcripts if applicable to your selected writing category. Once completed, we will evaluate your application and make a decision regarding your account status.

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How it works

Select the writing project

When a customer orders a new content piece, we need to find the best writer to complete it. We receive a vast array of writing projects daily and you will definitely find one that matches your area of expertise. If you have any questions about the project or order, we will be here with our 24/7 support team.

Upload the work

As soon as you complete the work, you will be able to upload it to the client from our secure admin dashboard. The client will review the work and, if they are satisfied with the quality and approve the content, the writer payment will be credited to your account. If in any case the work requires a revision, additional time will be provided

Get paid!

Our transparent pricing model makes us the easiest process for the writer. We offer the most competitive salary in the industry with no caps. Earn up to $20+ per page which can earn you part-time or even full-time income. To get more detailed information, please check our “Payments” section.