Should You Ever Write for Low Rates?

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Should You Ever Write for Low Rates?

Many writers will tell you that they never work for less than their going rate. However, sometimes it may actually be a good idea to lower your rates. This article looks at a few situations when lowering your rates as a freelance writer may be a good move.

Many freelance writers are often unwilling to lower their rates for any reason. However, if you are a freelance writer there may be a few occasions when it could be a good idea to drop your rates.

Large Projects

If a client comes along offering a very large project, but they are only willing to offer you lower than your standard rate, it may be something that is at least worth considering.

One of the biggest challenges that freelance writers face is finding enough work on a regular basis to keep them busy. When a large project comes in it may, therefore, be worth offering lower rates in return for work that will keep you busy for a long time to come.

In the same way, if a client can promise you regular work then it may again be a good idea to offer them a lower rate in order to win the work. Regular work is always something to look out for, and if that means working for a slightly lower rate then it may be a fair price to pay.

Build Your Portfolio

If you are building your portfolio and you want some impressive clips to show your future clients, you may want to consider lowering your fees or even writing for free. Many writers would baulk at the idea of writing for free, but in this case, you could see it as an investment.

If you have some clips from large, well-known companies or top publications, this could go down very well with future clients when they are deciding whether to provide you with work. It could, therefore, end up assisting you in finding much more work over the following years, making it well worth your while to write for less or for free.

One-Off Projects for Your Best Clients

Good clients are worth doing everything you can to keep, and this could involve offering them special rates from time to time. If business is slow, contact a few of your best clients and say that you are offering a low percent discount for the following week That way you could drum up some more work at the same time as making your clients feel more valued.

Consider Lowering Your Rates

One of the great things about being a freelance writer is that you get to choose your rates. However, while some writers insist that their rates are set in stone, this does not always have to be the case. There are some situations when it may be a good idea for you to lower your rates, so never completely dismiss this option.

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